ESG: Code of conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers

ESG: Code of conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers

These principles encompass the minimum standards for all suppliers of the AURELIUS Group that are defned in this Code of Conduct for Suppliers. AURELIUS requires all its group companies to implement these principles appropriately. The goal is to continuously improve the entire procurement process, quality, environmental sustainability and productivity in close collaboration with suppliers.

Code of conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers of the AURELIUS Group (PDF)

Office Depot Europe

Office Depot Europe is a leading European vendor for office supplies, printing and document services, paper, computers and printers, business services such as facility management, and office furniture, with direct sales to over 1.2 million small and mid-sized firms across Europe via its two brands: Office Depot and Viking. According to its coverage, Office Depot developed various guiding principles for supplying or producing goods and providing services. Office Depot committed itself to report these guidelines transparently and to audit compliance by independent, accredited third parties. Examples of this are the independent assessment of environmental performance under ISO14001, greenhouse gas footprint under ISO14064 and environmental product claims by external consultants Newleaf Sustainability Practice. In that context, each supplier has to follow and adhere to Office Depot’s Supplier Guiding Principles – closely tracking and regularly inspecting them –, so that Office Depot can ensure that only goods and services sourced from ethically and environmentally sustainable production are being distributed.

Office Depot: Supplier Guiding Principles (PDF)

Environmental Responsibility at Office Depot Europe (PDF)