CO2 emissions – 30 percent reduction targeted for 2025

CO2 emissions – 30 percent reduction targeted for 2025

In our environmental protection guidelines we commit ourselves to the responsible use of natural resources and to the reduction of our resource consumption. In the Holding companies and in the Group companies, resource conservation measures and policies are regularly reviewed and implemented.

Influence of business travel at the Holding level

The AURELIUS Group is a Europe-wide investment group with offices in Munich, London, Stockholm, Madrid and Amsterdam. At the Holding level, business travel is the greatest factor in CO2 emissions. In order to keep negative environmental impacts as low as possible, all employees are required by AURELIUS travel policy to plan trips for maximum efficiency, and to avoid unnecessary travel. Among other things, we use videoconferencing and other modern means of communications in order to minimise the need for travel among our locations. Our travel management is also regularly reviewed towards minimising emissions occasioned by business travel. 

CO2 emissions in the AURELIUS Group

The AURELIUS Group companies are subject to the respective applicable legal requirements and monitoring processes. 

AURELIUS expects its Group companies:

  • To strictly comply with environmental laws applicable at the respective location.
  • To prevent environmental damage through professional risk management.
  • To reduce/minimise their consumption of energy, hazardous material and water
  • To avoid creating waste, or where this is not possible, to minimise it.
  • To strive for the highest possible rate of reuse and recycling.

The AURELIUS Group has set itself the target of reducing Group-wide CO2 emissions by 30 percent by the year 2025.